Critical Infrastructure


We support the utility industry including Power, Transmission, Distribution and even Nuclear Energy. We offer a comprehensive service platform that includes penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, smart grid security design, NERC CIP compliance consulting and more.

Process Control

Process control systems, typically found in Oil & Gas, Chemical, Water, and Pharmaceuticals, are increasingly becoming targets for intrusions, malware deployment, and advanced persistent threats (APT). Systems that run under pressure, temperature, or dynamic flow control represent a viable target for intrusion with massive destruction capabilities. The CFATS standard for the chemical industry also supports this conclusion.


Many companies in the financial industry such as banks, commercial lenders, brokerages, payment processors, and stock exchanges all have obligations to provide certain levels of assurance in the protection of public funds. We tailor specific assessments to validate the effectiveness of each client's security program(s) and ensure protection of data stored and processed by their systems.